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Knowledge Browser presents meta-data about third-party entities. We are not responsible for the reliability of displayed data (including medical information). All results are always given along with the source name and direct link to full content.

The website currently presents preprints - articles that are not peer-reviewed. They are intended as communication between scientists familiar with the area of research related to the topic of a preprint.

As always, remember about the critical reception of anything that you read!

Privacy policy

For quality control purposes, we collect entered queries in an internal database. Queries are associated only with timestamps. It is not possible to track a history of searches of a person.

For overall traffic monitoring, we use Google Analytics. However, we are not using display features, user identification, ad personalization, or any cookie-related services. If you still want to opt out from anonymous traffic statistics, you can use Google tool available here or enable script-blocking plugin.

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