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Zn(II) Complex for Highly Sensitive and Selective Detection of Acetone at Room Temperature

A Zn(II) perchlorate complex has been prepared and characterized by single X-ray crystallography, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, infrared spectroscopy, elemental analysis, and UV-vis spectroscopy. Expand abstract.
6 days ago
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Insights into Charge Transfer at the Cluster/semiconductor Interface for In-Depth Understanding the Role of Atomically Precise Silver Cluster

A type-II heterojunction charge transfer route is achieved under UV-vis irradiation, in which the cluster serves as small band gap semiconductor. Expand abstract.
11 days ago
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Green Synthesis of Copper Nanoparticles Using a Hydroalcoholic Extract of Moringa oleifera Leaves and Assessment of Their Antioxidant and Anti-microbial Activities

Characterization of the synthesized copper nanoparticles was performed using UV-Vis spectrophotometer, FT-IR spectrometer, TEM, SEM, and XRD. Expand abstract.
15 days ago
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Use of a Taguchi Model in Hibiscus sabdariffa Extracts Encapsulated by Spray-Drying

Physicochemical properties in the encapsulates were evaluated by UV-Vis, XRD, spectroscopy and gravimetric techniques. Expand abstract.
28 days ago
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Investigation of DPPC liposomes reveals their capability to entrap Aroclor 1260, an emerging environmental pollutant

A subsequent UV-Vis analysis of HCBP by both direct and passive incorporation showed an increase in HCBP incorporation proportionate to the length of exposure time up to 24 hours and relative to the initial quantity present during the direct incorporation. Expand abstract.
36 days ago
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Ligand Redox Non-Innocence in [Coᴵᴵᴵ(TAML)]0/‒ Complexes Affects Nitrene Formation

These nitrene radical species were characterized by EPR, XANES, and UV-Vis spectroscopy, high resolution mass spectrometry, magnetic moment measurements and supporting CASSCF calculations. Expand abstract.
41 days ago
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Persistent Radical Pairs Between N-Substituted Naphthalimide and Carbanion Exhibit pKa-Dependent UV-vis Absorption

A new strategy is constructed for estimating and screening pKa values among different carbon acids under ambient conditions via the UV-vis absorption spectrum of persistent radical pair originating from an N-substituted naphthalimide (NNI) derivative in the presence of various carbanions in organic solutions Expand abstract.
48 days ago
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Structure-Property Relationships in Unsymmetric Bis(antiaromatics): Who Wins the Battle Between Pentalene and Benzocyclobutadiene?

The antiaromatic character of the molecules are supported experimentally by 1H NMR, UV-Vis and cyclic voltammetry measurements and X-ray crystallography. Expand abstract.
50 days ago
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Benchmark of Simplified Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory for UV-Vis Spectral Properties of Porphyrinoids

We thoroughly benchmark time-dependent density- functional theory for the predictive calculation of UV/Vis spectra of porphyrin derivatives. Expand abstract.
71 days ago
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The Extreme Universe Space Observatory on a Super-Pressure Balloon II Mission

The Cherenkov Telescope will have UV/VIS sensitivity to target Cherenkov emission from air showers at PeV energies. Expand abstract.
75 days ago
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